5 Questions Before You Hire a Carpet Cleaner

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In our last post, we offered the Top 10 factors for hiring a home cleaning service. In today’s post, we will provide 5 essential questions for a carpet cleaner before you decide to hire their service.

You should hire a carpet cleaner for your home at least once every year. There are several local companies to choose from throughout the USA but here are the best factors to determine which carpet cleaner is right for your home.

#1. Do You Have Pets?

If you live with pets, you need to be sure the service offers a cleaning method and solutions that are 100% safe for pets. Your pets spend all of their time on the carpet in your home and you don’t want your carpet to have toxins or harmful chemicals in it from carpet cleaning.

You should research local companies online or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations and see if the company advertises solutions that are safe for pets.

You should also be aware of pet urine stains in your carpet and hire a company that provides pet urine odor removal. We recommend the Chem-Dry P.U.R.T.® process for pet urine stains since it is veterinarian-recommended.

#2. Do You Have Allergies?

Did you know your carpet plays a huge role in the air quality in your home? Your carpet trap thousands of allergens in it after the allergens float from the air and into the carpet fibers. A deep cleaning will remove all of the dander and dust from carpet and improve the air quality in your home.

#3. Is Your Carpet Natural Fibers?

If you have wool carpet, you need to research the local companies and hire a service that offers WoolSafe® carpet cleaning. WoolSafe certification indicates that a service is trained and certified in the proper techniques for cleaning wool carpet and other natural fibers.

You need to be wary of hiring steam cleaners or using a rental machine on wool carpet as there is a proper care method for this type of natural carpet fiber.

#4. Do You Have Carpet Stains?

If there are specific stains on your carpet you want removed, you should call the carpet cleaning company and be sure they’re able to remove that type of stain. You might discover the service is unable to clean the stain on your carpet. You don’t want to pay them to come to your home only to find they can’t do the job you hired them for.

#5. Do You Live a Green Lifestyle?

Many carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals for their cleaning results. If you prefer to hire companies and purchase products that are green-certified, you will need to research each service to find one that advertise chemical-free cleaning products or all-natural methods for their process. You can find several green carpet cleaning companies in your city if you do a little research first.

This list of questions should help you determine which carpet cleaning company in your city to hire to deep clean and restore the color and quality of your home’s floor.